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Many of us has had a situation when fishing from a boat in summer you see a possible place to return to in winter. However, in winter the place cannot be reached because of the snow.  

As the result of a long hunt we found the solution – a foldable snowmobile, folding of which is simple and takes less than 15-20 minutes, and it can be easily fitted into a car boot.  

The DIFFERENCE of this vehicle produced the idea to develop the range and expand it with other interesting unconventional and not so common means of locomotion, for example, electric motorcycle with a decent power or a foldable one; electric scooters or self-balancing scooter which can serve as a mean of locomotion or of entertainment.

Our company provides delivery and trade of the previously mentioned vehicles. All the products are certified and comply with the EU requirements 


If you are an ice fisherman, wouldn’t you want to reach the fishy place faster, acquire as large a territory as possible, go to the place which cannot be reached on foot?

If you are a hunter, wouldn’t you want to reach further in the woods, closer to the game through the narrow place which cannot be done by an off-road?

After all, if you are a snow loving family, wouldn’t you want to refresh in the woods and enjoy the sights?

All of that is possible if you have a foldable snowmobile which can be fitted in a car boot.

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Electric motorcycles

Well-designed environmentally friendly light-weight, low-noise vehicles. You can choose the version which can be folded and fitted into a car boot.

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Electric Scooters

Environmentally friendly low-noise vehicles. They can be an excellent substitution for the traditional scooters and motorcycles with internal combustion engines. Also, you can choose electric scooters with the self-balancing system. They are handled easily and user-friendly. 

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